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Beijing, China
Beijing, China

Apple blocks app developed by Chinese activists and RNW

For almost two months, the FreeWeibo app offered readers an uncensored version of China’s most popular social media network, Sina Weibo. Thanks to a smart technological workaround, developed by


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Article: Dossier: Democracy and Good Governance

How much influence do you have? Really. Does your vote truly count? Does anyone speak for you? Democracy is up for grabs. Take it and don’t let go. The good, the bad, the responsible

Article: From kingdom to republic

Once they were kingdoms. Now a president is head of state. An overview of historic breakthroughs.

Article: Heated debate over Libyan HIV kids

For the first time since his release in 2007, the Palestinian doctor who was accused of infecting Libyan children with HIV talked to his alleged victims.

Article: Coping inside: a psychiatric patient in Nigeria tells her story

Some, mostly young, Nigerians are fighting the stigma of mental illness head-on. They are boldly talking about their conditions.

Article: Student films on show in Beijing festival

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained was dramatically pulled from Chinese cinemas when it opened recently. No one knows for sure why – although full-frontal nudity may be the reason.

Detainee in Guantánamo Bay
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Hunger strike in Guantánamo

Article: Hunger strike in Guantánamo

There´s still no end in sight to the hunger strike being staged by prisoners at the US detention facility in Guantánamo Bay.

Article: Zimbabwe Independence Day: what's there to celebrate?

Today Zimbabwe celebrates 33 years of independence. But to many the day has ceased to mean anything, finds our blogger. By Mwana wevhu, Harare

Article: ‘Angry Breasts’ Stop violence against women!

Belly dance your way to emancipation. Dutch-Tunisian Kaouthur Darmoni believes this ancient Egyptian art form can be a powerful tool for modern women.

Article: "Everybody wants to be a mudir"

Huge unemployment but a lack of skilled workers. That’s what happens when the only education considered important is an academic one. It’s like betting on the wrong horse and that’s just what Yemen did.

Video: “When I think of Ntaganda, it’s the end of the world for me”

The arrival of alleged Congolese war criminal, Bosco Ntaganda, in the Dutch city of The Hague has re-awakened terrifying memories for some people in the Congolese diaspora. Sylvestre Bwira is one of them.

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