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Beijing, China
Beijing, China

Apple blocks app developed by Chinese activists and RNW

For almost two months, the FreeWeibo app offered readers an uncensored version of China’s most popular social media network, Sina Weibo. Thanks to a smart technological workaround, developed by


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Article: Dutch ambassador criticises Burundi's new media law

Burundi’s new media law continues to cause unrest among the international community. It certainly doesn’t please the Dutch ambassador to Burundi, Jolke Oppewal.

Article: Child Abuse Case Causes Multiple Scandals in China

A child sexual abuse scandal involving a primary school principal and a government official has caused public outrage in China. The abusers were taken into police custody, yet the case is not as straightforward as it seemed.

Article: Young Dutch fighters in Syria - heroes or potential terrorists?

Three quarters of young Muslims in the Netherlands say their friends who go to fight in Syria are heroes, according to a recent survey.

Article: Social media uproar after Jordan bans news sites

“It's 2013 and the discussion about #blockingwebsites and laws restricting our freedom is taking us only further backwards,” wrote one Jordanian tweeter after the government moved to block 290 news websites.

Article: Shanghai Celebrates 5th Gay Pride Festival

A cool wristband with a  QR code so people can zap straight to RNW’s new Chinese website – RNW is strutting its stuff at Shanghai Pride this week. Thousands of the pink and white wristbands are being handed out to the

Article: RNW wins top honours at the New York Festivals

Radio Netherlands Worldwide has won four major prizes at the 2013 New York Festivals: International Radio Awards. It won a gold medal and a Grand Prize Award for an interview entitled “The Benghazi Blogger”. 

Video: Muna Shirwa: addicted to a certain type of sadness

The Wor(l)d is a series of short videos featuring spoken-word artists from around the world. Each week, RNW provides a space for young poets and rappers to share their take on our themes.

Article: Condom distribution in Rwanda's high schools

Rwandan teenagers are having sex, despite calls for abstinence by authority figures. Condoms are cheaply available, but not in schools. RNW's blogger in Kigali says it’s time to equip youth with the right tools to practise safe sex.

Article: “I never wanted to be the most wanted blogger in the hemisphere”

The most wanted Mexican blogger says she’s more afraid of the authorities than of the drugs cartels.   by Pablo Gámez  

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