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Beijing, China
Beijing, China

Apple blocks app developed by Chinese activists and RNW

For almost two months, the FreeWeibo app offered readers an uncensored version of China’s most popular social media network, Sina Weibo. Thanks to a smart technological workaround, developed by


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Article: Corruption. It’s just around the corner.

A policeman who takes a small ‘donation’ and lets you pass through the check point unseen. House rents that go up overnight due to ‘government regulations’.

Article: The Damned: a journalist inside Mexico's 'prison of the stars'

Jesús Lemus Barajas is a journalist who spent three years in a high-security prison in Mexico. In Puente Grande, jokingly called 'the prison of the stars'.

Video: Tunisian rappers fear return of internet controls

Internet was one of the things liberated by Tunisia's 2011 revolution. Censorship was lifted and Tunisians could once again access sites like YouTube and services such as Skype.

Article: Mexico's disappeared: forgotten and criminalised

No one knows exactly how many people have disappeared in Mexico. Estimates range from 24,000 to 26,000.

Article: "Balanced, calm analysis" as young Nigerians debate corruption

‘Make a move, ring the bell”; “Youth should take ownership of the corruption crusade” “Don’t mind your business”.

Video: Did Gbagbo have the right to fight for Ivory Coast?

RNW recently spoke to Fatou Bensouda, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). She is currently preparing the court's first trial of a head of state: Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Ivory Coast.

Netherlands Netherlands Video: Ha ha funny

Video: Ha ha funny

The Wor(l)d is a series of short videos featuring spoken-word artists from around the world. Each week, RNW provides a space for young poets and rappers to share their take on our themes.

Article: "Young Arabs mostly just want a job"

The Arab Spring was about freedom and democracy – but also about money says Libyan economist Tarik Youssef.

Article: On gays, MDC official makes for easy bedfellow with Mugabe

 A senior official in Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party led by Welshman Ncube says gays and lesbians should not be tolerated in the country.

Article: Ecuador's "dehomosexualisation clinics"

Ecuadorian organisations representing gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals report that more and more young people are being kidnapped and taken to “dehomosexualization” clinics.

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