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Beijing, China
Beijing, China

Apple blocks app developed by Chinese activists and RNW

For almost two months, the FreeWeibo app offered readers an uncensored version of China’s most popular social media network, Sina Weibo. Thanks to a smart technological workaround, developed by


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Article: Libyan lawyer:They are ready to kill me”

Libyan lawyer Hanan Al-Newaisery fights for foreign mothers whose children are snatched away by their Libyan fathers after the couple split up.

Article: Child marriage: legalised rape?

Child marriage is a hot topic in the Arab world at the moment – as the amount of discussion on social media shows.“Child marriage is a form of rape that is not recognised by the legislature.

Article: Ciudad Juárez: “They killed my daddy”

The violence in Ciudad Juárez is blighting the lives of the city’s youngest inhabitants. Psychologists fear that many of them could grow up to be hitmen if they don’t receive therapy.

Article: Journalist kidnapped in Yemen “very, very, very frightened”

A video has gone online in which kidnapped Dutch journalist Judith Spiegel and her partner appeal for help, saying they may be shot within ten days. Based in Sana’a, Ms Spiegel is a regular correspondent for RNW.

Video: Singer's Gbagbo apology makes waves in Ivory Coast

RNW’s exclusive interview with Ivorian musician Meiway has made front page news in the artist’s home country.

Article: Independent thinking "not encouraged" in China's film schools

The Chinese authorities have put an abrupt end to a training programme for aspiring independent filmmakers.

Video: The Wor(l)d: She exists

The Wor(l)d is a series of short videos featuring spoken-word artists. Each week, RNW provides a space for young poets and rappers from around the world to share their take on our themes.

Video: Using cameras to fight Mexico’s failing courts

The director of the most popular Mexican documentary ever, Presumed Guilty, is currently visiting The Hague. He’s attending the World Justice Forum to discuss censorship and the judicial system in Mexico.  

Article: The woman behind Zimbabwe's no-vote-no-sex campaign

With Zimbabwe’s voter registration closing yesterday, one can’t help but wonder if the country's sex boycott has come to a happy ending.

Video: Floribert always said “freedom is a right”

Irene Esambo feels threatened. She’s the lawyer for the Chebeya family. Floribert Chebeya was a human rights defender in Congo who was murdered in 2010.

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