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Same-sex wedding cake

Same-sex marriage

Since 2001, same-sex marriages have been legal in the Netherlands, and thousands of gay and lesbian couples have entered into marriage. This is a summary of the legal situation affecting same-sex couples.


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Article: Netherlands inspires US stand on gay rights

The Netherlands has played an instrumental role in America’s decision to take an active stand on discrimination against homosexuals in other countries. Years of lobbying and the positive results of the Dutch approach have convinced...

Same-sex marriage
Netherlands Netherlands Article: An end to same-sex refuseniks?

Article: An end to same-sex refuseniks?

Council officials must in future perform marriages for all couples, straight or gay. A majority in parliament want an end to officials refusing to officiate. Public officials who refuse to marry same-sex couples on principle have been a...

Article: Dutch Press Review Wednesday 26 October 2011

D-day II for Europe. Trouble in store for Amsterdam? Refusing the refusers. Priests who do what they ought not to. Ash troubles for the prince.

Article: Gay sticker: not for all churches

It’s a kind of Michelin guide for gay people who want a church wedding. Same-sex marriage may be accepted by Dutch legislation, but it's not accepted by the majority of Dutch churches. Coming Out Churches, Dutch Edition gives an...

Article: Lesbians flee Amsterdam for Bible Belt

The dream is slowly dissolving. The Netherlands was once the promised land for homosexuals. In 2001, this resulted in the first legal same-sex marriages in the world. Now more and more couples are being persecuted by their neighbours....

Netherlands Netherlands Article: Amsterdam goes gay

Article: Amsterdam goes gay

RNW's own roving reporters in Amsterdam sent these pictures of the annual Gay Pride Canal Parade.  

Article: Muslim and gay: 'Allah made me this way'

“If Allah didn’t want me this way, he wouldn’t have made me this way,” says Omeed. He’s a 27-year-old Dutch guy who believes he’s basically a good person and, therefore, a good Muslim too. But he’s...

Article: Churches speak out against anti-gay violence

Dutch churches have today signed a statement condemning violence against homosexuals. The ceremony took place in the Dom Church in Utrecht and marked International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (17 May). Tweet 

Article: Sports personalities reveal all about homosexuality

Around five percent of the population is homosexual. But different rules seem to apply to sport. There are very few well known sports personalities willing to openly admit they are gay. It seems the matter is still too sensitive.

Article: Ten years of same-sex marriage: a mixed blessing

Ten years after the Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage, homosexual couples still marry far less often than heterosexual couples, partly because they still face obstacles when they wish to have children. Just...