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Prostitution in the Netherlands

Prostitution is allowed in the Netherlands, but the government has recently imposed tighter regulation on the industry. In this dossier, you'll find recent RNW articles and a FAQ page on prostitution in this country.


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A prostitute in Durban, South Africa
Netherlands Netherlands Article: "I felt like a slot machine"

Article: "I felt like a slot machine"

Ange was 15-years-old when she ran away from home. She moved in with some friends and had to sell sexual favours to make ends meet. She ended up just one of many exploited sex workers living in utter misery in a cluster of rundown houses...

Article: Chinese sexologist sparks debate on prostitution

China’s mainstream TV channels are prudish about sex, thanks to official censorship. But this doesn’t mean sex isn’t talked about – just that the discussion goes online! Via internet, the Chinese can also access...

Article: Dutch Press Review Tuesday 29 May 2012

Syria is put under the spotlight today. Child pornography and abuse also feature in many of the papers, with separate reports on internet porn in the Netherlands and abroad - and a convicted Dutch Nazi dies in freedom....

Article: Dutch aid projects for prostitutes abroad to be continued

Twelve foreign prostitutes paid a visit to Dutch Development Cooperation Minister Ben Knapen on Wednesday, as his ministry has been financing an aid programme for sex workers abroad. The programme focuses on health and safety issues, as...

Article: Russian roulette in the Red Light District

Patricia Perquin worked as a prostitute in Amsterdam for over four years. She had huge debts as a result of her shopping addiction. A friend suggested she should go into prostitution to pay them off. Never, she thought. Three weeks later,...

Article: Human trafficking and how to combat it

Human trafficking and forced prostitution – it’s only too easy to get trapped in this web of violence, dependence and exploitation, but how - if ever - do you get out again? In his recent book The Fatal Trap Dutch police...

Article: Paedophile club censors own website

Dutch paedophile association Martijn has removed pictures of naked children from its website in response to “persistent attacks”, a spokesperson for the group says. Both the Public Prosecutor's Offie and a court in the ...

Article: Cuba takes up Twitter – and encounters opposition

Mariela Castro, daughter of the Cuban president, debuted on Twitter and Youtube this week to shed another light on a recent interview she gave to Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW). But her venture into social media immediately led to an...

Article: Castro’s daughter impressed by Dutch take on prostitution

Praise indeed for the way prostitution is organised in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The Cuban sexologist Mariela Castro Espín is pleasantly surprised by the facilities that exist for window prostitutes in the Dutch capital.

Article: Crusading against Amsterdam's Red Lights

Amsterdam’s red light district is not picturesque at all; it’s a hotbed of ruthless people trafficking. So says Lodewijk Asscher. For several years now, the young (37) Amsterdam alderman has been waging his own crusade against...